Concept Design Terms of Service

Purchasing a Concept Design Package with Stevie Interiors signifies that you have read and agree to the below.

For Concept Design, your budget must be at least $15,000 for our designers to pull together a space with our Stevie Interiors aesthetic. 

Upon purchase, you will hear from your designer and receive your design questionnaire within 48 business days. You will work together to schedule your initial Zoom call within 2-weeks of purchase.

We do not offer refunds once you’ve had your initial Zoom call and the design process has begun.

For all Concept Designs, you have unlimited revisions for 48 hours after receiving your design. After your revision period has passed, we will make additional revisions for $65 an item. We strongly encourage being prepared to execute the Concept Design immediately within 48 hours of receiving your design as we cannot guarantee items will remain in-stock and charge an additional $65 an item that requires being re-sourced.

Other than two scheduled Zoom calls, communication will take place via email with your designer. 

You will be assigned a Stevie Interiors design based on availability. All designs are reviewed by principal designer, Meghan Basinger, before being presented to the client. 

Concept Design clients are responsible for all measurements. Because this is a virtual service, we cannot check measurements. The client is responsible for pulling measurements using the shoppable links provided and confirming space planning. You can reference our Measurement Guide for assistance.

Unlike our Full-Service solution, we do not see every item we source in person. We seek out vendors we are familiar with and trust, but are not responsible for the quality and/or appearance of an item if it differs from its online presence. 

Our designers are providing Concept Designs only. Clients are responsible for purchasing, receiving, inspecting and handling any returns or damages with appropriate retailers.

Concept Design is not a good fit for clients in the middle of a new build or massive renovation.

You agree to allowing our team to share your design boards on social media for promotional purposes.

You are familiar with and seeking the Stevie Interiors aesthetic.