Stevie Interiors is an award-winning, luxury interior design studio located in Milton, Ga., serving clients nationwide. We specialize in new builds, renovations and interior furnishings.

Full-Service Design

Stevie Interiors is a full-service design studio specializing in new builds, renovations and large-scale furniture design and styling.
We're grateful for the growth of our business in 2022 and as such, we've implemented project minimums to best serve our clients. To be more intentional about the projcts we take on, we require a two room minimum and a furniture budget of $50,000.
Design fees range and will be spec’d out with an initial consult.

Concept Design

Get the Stevie Interiors aesthetic with our Concept Design package - providing you with all the tools to bring your design to life. With a comprehensive questionaire and 30-minute Zoom call your designer will deliver a 2D design board and shoppable links for you execute.

Concept design is not a fit for clients undergoing a new build or large renovation.

the Principal consult

Meghan Basinger is an award-winning, published designer. She's the principal designer behind Stevie Interior's warm, inviting aesthetic. Meghan offers 1-hour consultations in-home for North Atlanta residents and via Zoom to advise on floor plans, furniture and home decor selection, styling, paint and fixtures/finishes/trim.

Use your time with Meghan to review selections for a new build, discuss a kitchen renovation or gather ideas for a complete room refresh.

YoUr home is oNe of the biggest investments yoU’lL make and it’s important to work alongside a designer yoU trust. We may be a good partner if:

You appreciate warm, neutral aesthetics

You value craftsman-level finishes and furnishings built to last

You’re looking for a trusted partner to manager your design needs from start to finish

You’re looking to focus on at least to complete spaces and have a furnishings budget of $60K+