Room Measurement Guide

Below is a guideline on how to provide measurements via a basic floor plan drawing. This will help your designer have the exact measurements needed to create your custom room design. 

What you need to measure your space:

  • White paper

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Ruler or any ruler like object to help you to draw straight

  • If your space is large, you will need a second person to help you

Drawing the Floor Plan

When you are drawing the floor plan - please include the measurements of all doors, windows, and doorways. Please note that you don't include door or window frames - only measure from where the actual window (glass) and door begins and ends. Make sure to add a note with your ceiling height. We prefer the measurements to be in feet and inches. If you have any fireplaces or builtins in the space, we ask that you include the depth of the hearth and built-ins into the space. If we are helping with shelf styling, please add the depth and height of each shelf.  You can see how a basic floor plan drawing should look below, and PLEASE double check all measurements before sending.