Our Story

A shop is born

Stevie Collective was born during stay-at-home “date nights” out of a passion for beautiful, minimalistic décor and a belief that loving where you live is everything.

Meghan Basinger found herself gravitating towards spending more time in specific rooms in their home, ones that she had poured her heart into creating – and decided that was a feeling she wanted to share with others. In a time when stay-at-home orders were a way of life, and small businesses were facing uphill battles – she, with her husband Kelly, decided the best stories often emerge in challenging times. And so – Stevie Collective breathed life.

After leaving the public relations world more than five years ago, Meghan has built a lifestyle brand, with design at the forefront. Her style has evolved, and will continue to – but Stevie Collective is a curated collection of classic pieces that will grow with her. With a focus on clean lines and an affinity for a neutral color palette, she sources artwork, décor and lighting fixtures from local artists in Milton, Ga. to makers as far as Israel and Bulgaria.

At the end of the day, Stevie Collective wants to invite you home.


Our Name + Giving Commitment

Motherhood never looks quite like you imagined, and Meghan's story is no exception. While she's blessed to tuck three healthy babies in every night, motherhood hasn't left her unscathed. In the fall of 2018 she celebrated her third pregnancy and shortly after grieved the loss of a life. The child they'll meet one day in heaven is their little Stevie.

Miscarriage, anxiety and panic attacks have made themselves a home in her otherwise beautiful life and as such, she's committed to raising money to support other mothers during the highs and lows of motherhood. She's partnered with 2020Mom to donate a percentage of Stevie Collective sales to their efforts in supporting maternal mental health.