Why Stevie?

Why Stevie? It's one of my favorite questions. Although it's not one that comes without pain and a little sadness. We kiss three children goodnight in the evenings (how blessed we are...), but we've made four babies in our almost eight years of marriage. The third we affectionally remember as Stevie.

I'm 1 in 4. In 2018 we celebrated our third pregnancy and cautiously relished in the happy news that our family would soon be complete. Weeks later I suffered a miscarriage that broke me. In my heart, losing a pregnancy, no matter how early, is a loss of life. With the first positive pregnancy test, our family had grown from four to five and we were dreaming about who she would become.

It took several months before I was able to speak openly about our loss. But time (and rainbow babies) do heal some wounds. Later that year we welcomed our fourth child, and first son. A few months after his arrival - I started dreaming up a new kind of baby for our family - a business. It was always going to be "Stevie". We considered Stevie + Co., Stevie Home, Stevie Design, etc. and ultimately landed on Stevie Collective.

At the end of the month we'll open our first retail location here in our hometown. When you pull up to our space you can clearly see "STEVIE COLLECTIVE" on the back wall of our shop. I went from not being able to speak about our loss - to inviting the question and opportunity to tell anyone and everyone who Stevie is.

Furthermore, the fallout from our loss of Stevie and my own personal struggle with anxiety and mental health inspired us to give a percentage of monthly sales to 2020Mom, an organization devoted to maternal mental health. We're committed to doing our small part of taking care of the women working tirelessly to keep households running. Mothers.

Thank you for welcoming us into your home. Thank you for making Stevie such a big part of our daily lives.